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Tokken provides a solution for businesses who want reliable and compliant banking services. We'll help you secure your daily operations, maintain accurate records, accept payments and make B2B transactions with ease. All of these services keep your business running smoothly, while remaining compliant with state and federal regulations — ultimately delivering a better merchant and customer experience.

    + Credit, debit, and ACH processing just a touch away.

    + No sign-up fees, no monthly fees, no fees for customers.

    + Online banking portal makes managing funds easy and accessible anywhere.



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Banking Compliance

Our risk management solution unites best practices from the US Intelligence Community and leading financial institutions to store, analyze, and respond quickly to suspicious activity.

Gestalt™ uses historical, behavioral, and transactional data to inform Tokken's unique 100-point risk model.

    + Continuous Monitoring and Anomaly Detection

    + Predictive Analytics and Real Time Risk Modeling

    + Comprehensive Ecosystem Analysis for Compliance Investigations

    + Data Integrity Assurance using a Distributed Indelible Ledger

    + Intuitive Link Analysis interface


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