Our History

Founded in 2016, Tokken grants online banking privileges to cash-intensive industries like cannabis, safe payment methods to consumers, and a robust compliance platform to partner banks. CEO Lamine Zarrad was inspired to create Tokken after noticing inefficiencies while working as a bank regulator in Colorado.

These industries need access to banking in order to grow, and customers want a private and safe way to purchase products without always relying on cash. Banks are concerned about evolving state and federal regulations and eager to avoid the inherent risk of money laundering associated with these industries.

Tokken eliminates the risk of money laundering by creating a virtual barrier to cash transactions. Using an indelible Blockchain ledger to ensure data integrity and a proprietary compliance program based on structured analytic techniques, Tokken is designed to comply with every relevant regulatory requirement and provide a sustainable banking solution for cannabis and other businesses.

How it works

Consumers download the Tokken app and link their bank accounts or credit or debit cards. Then, they use the Tokken mobile wallet at participating retailers. At the point of sale, money is transferred from the consumer’s chosen payment card, into the Tokken system. The transaction is recorded on Tokken’s indelible ledger, and the balance is issued to the retailer. Retailers can then use Tokken to pay bills or other suppliers, or transfer their balance from Tokken as USD.


Meet the Team

Lamine Zarrad

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

It turns out androids dream of Lamine Zarrad.

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Cory Flanigan

Chief Technology Officer

Many moons ago, Cory traded half of his soul and all of his bitcoins to become earth’s mightiest technomancer. He routinely communes with nether spirits on his custom OUIJA circuit board, and on a full moon, his upload speed can reach a terabit. When Cthulhu needs computer help, it calls Cory.

Rita Crague

Chief Compliance Officer

Rita spent her early years running Central Intelligence on the planet Camazotz before transferring to the earth CIA office. The ion engine on her spaceship now powers Tokken’s warp drives.


Adam Healy

Chief Information Officer/Security Officer

Adam REDACTED during his time with REDACTED and has seen REDACTED you can't REDACTED. He is most often found in his Faraday cage, pacing vigilantly.

Joshua Holley

Chief Financial Officer

After learning Excel in the Marine Corps, Josh earned his reputation hunting pirate gold in the Caribbean. You can spot him by his southern charm and a necklace made of tiger shark teeth, but he still won’t tell where that scar came from.

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Jenaya McGowan

Director of Government Affairs

No, she doesn’t play basketball or volleyball. She can, however, battle you on the yoga mat where she will not likely trip or fall!


Jonmichael Chambers

Platform Developer

Jonmichael helped build the original Robocop at the age of ten and is continually disappointed that the Tokken app doesn’t require more laser cannons. He can have those laser cannons in beta by tomorrow, just give the word.

Sierra McGowan

Executive Assistant

As the first of the clone army, Sierra was appointed leader of her squadron. Though she saw much victory in battle, the grind of conflict grew weary, and she eventually laid down her sword to join Tokken in pursuit of peace, freedom, and collectable antiques.


Brent Yoder

Platform Developer

Brent once lived a peaceful existence as an oracle in a hidden cave near the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, but after the tragic death of his pet leopard, he exacted revenge on the local bandits and turned to a life of epic questing and product development.

Matthew Mongelia

Brand Ambassador

Matt has lived in every continental US timezone, carries an MFA in writing, speaks fluent jabberwocky, and is routinely visible in the night sky during the autumn months.

Maya McGowan

Brand Ambassador

Heeding the call of her mystic ring, Maya joined her twin across the cosmos to conquer the forces of evil. That went pretty well, so she came to Tokken with her too.